Just Because He Breathes – In Spanish!

Just a quick note to announce an exciting new expansion of this old blog site; thanks to my dear Venezuelan American friend, Alejandro Ugarte, we are adding Spanish translations of each blog post to this website. There is a tragic dearth of resources out there for Spanish-speaking families with LGBTQ children, so they can’t easily find support when their kids come out to them. Just like Rob and I, and so many millions of parents in the United States, they feel all the same emotions of fear, concern and worry when they learn more about who their children are…mostly because of what they’ve been taught in their churches.

So please join me in rejoicing that Spanish-speaking parents from all over the world can now begin to learn how to love their LGBTQ children solo porque respiran…Just because they breathe.

5 responses to “Just Because He Breathes – In Spanish!”

  1. Linda,
    We are incredibly grateful to you, Rob, and Alejandro for making this incredible resource available in Spanish.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Greg & Lynn
    Embracing the Journey.

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