About Me

First: About This Blog

This blog was created to tell the story…our story…of how God taught us, conservative, evangelical parents, how to TRULY love our gay son. The original Just Because He Breathes piece was written at the request of a small group of LGBT students at a conservative Christian university…it was never intended for a larger audience, but that is what happened.

That said – Back to About Me

I love people.

I feel extremely passionate about justice & equality for all people, because all people are children of God, created in His image.

I feel most at home spending time with other people who are messy and broken like me. I feel passionate about speaking up for the voiceless, and advocating for those who are most vulnerable.

I think that it is easy to judge others until you face a situation yourself…I want to be very cautious about this in my own life. Analyzing, and blogging about, other peoples’ lives, has become a spectator sport…and I don’t want to play.

I like to have friends with people who are different than me. They challenge me, and stretch my thinking. They teach me about experiences, perspectives & histories that I wouldn’t be aware of if I only spent time with people just like me. I value and respect the differing opinions of others.

I want to continually allow God to change me…making me aware of the areas in my life where I need to allow Him inside to do renovation work. I never want to stop learning. If I ever do, please, someone, hit me upside the head.

I am the blessed mom of four adult children. I truly loved the years we spent as busy parents of four children born within 5 years and just a couple of months…those were probably the most delightful, busy, challenging, rewarding and least boring years of our lives.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that my best friend, lover, soul mate and husband walks the journey of this life with me, and makes every day of these empty-nest years more fun than the last. Rob, I love you..I love you…I love you. Each day I am amazed at how I seem to only love and appreciate you more.

My only hope in this life is in my relationship with Jesus Christ, my God and my Savior. He is where I find my security, my identity, my motivation to keep going when the pain in life seems unbearable. The older I get, the more important and the simpler this seems to become to me. I simply need Jesus. I can’t do this life without Him.



382 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lucy

    I’m a 19 y/o lesbian who has struggled to reconcile my faith and my desire for a happy, romantic relationship. I would love to have a wife one day, and a family, but for a while I was convinced I would not be able to. In fact, I’m still struggling, and have not attended church in nearly a year, because I believe I am unworthy and unwanted. This blog gives me hope, thank you.

  2. Stephanie Palmer

    I would love to contact you somehow. Maybe Facebook?? My name is Stephanie Palmer. I can’t thank you enough for this post. I’ve read it so many times, and I cry every single time.

      1. Lisa Donner

        Linda, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so moved by this and I am now crying at work. My company is currently trying to make a documentary about the need to end conversion and reparative therapy. I was wondering if you would be willing to speak with us about this subject? I would so appreciate your time. You can call our office at 818-905-6660. God bless you and your family, and I’m so sorry for your loss.


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